Uncanny Art For The Post-truth Era The New York Occasions

Felix Art Fair, the relaxed cousin of Frieze LA, which is once again taking place in Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel, is stuffed with colors, patterns, and glitter – there is no signal of minimalism. Visitors of the art honest had been spotted holding their drinks whereas perusing the artworks from one resort room to another, even lounging on artworks themselves. However, curiously, as quickly as the bot was requested to evaluate the piece in a post-colonial facet, it went on to admit that AI is just a mirrored image of its creator’s biases. According to this declare, the imagery of the artwork doesn’t reflect the art history of the world. Without a doubt, this raises questions on how technology is educated and the way systemic racism can be carried onto machine studying. MoMA is an establishment that began accumulating photography earlier than the medium was established as nice art.

Three of …

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